Monday, September 10, 2018

Selectmen's Office Updates


Election Day, September 11

The Selectmen's Office will be closed tomorrow on Election Day. A Business Meeting will be held on Sept. 11th at the Elections in the early evening at the Wentworth Elementary School to sign payroll and accounts payable checks. There will be no Privilege of the Floor this evening. All Non-Public sessions will be postponed until the following week. The next Business Meeting will be on Sept. 18th @ 6:00 pm. at the Town Offices.

Privacy Fence Meeting, September 18

On Sept. 18th, The Select Board will have a Representative, Austin Turner, from Bohler Engineering, to speak about "NOT PROVIDING A PRIVACY FENCE" between the Scheller's Field Property and the Dollar General, which was a requested item, at the January Board Meeting. If you have any feedback or would like your voice heard, please stop in and let the Board know that evening.

Thank you.